User guide for genealogy


Useful buttons during web browsing

The buttons shown below are accessible from the genealogy pages.


This button allows you to modify the size of the blocks in the family trees (inactivated on this page).

Search for people

This button accesses all surnames (family names) listed in alphabetical order. Choosing a surname allows for each person direct access to its profile, contact points, ancestry, descent, combined tree and family genealogy.

This button allows you to search for people on the basis of surnames (family names), first names, places and dates of birth and death, all combined or not.


Clicking this button takes you to a page where you can set various display options, such as choosing a list or tree shape, setting the number of generations to present, display or not the spouses (in descending genealogy), select the position of the person (in ascending genealogy), choose to display details such as dates and places of birth or death, a photo, the occupation, some comments, the contact points,..., and finally determining the choice of colors if you upload an image of the tree.


Ascendants Jacques Misselyn Descendants Jacques Misselyn Combined familytree Jacques Misselyn Immediate family Jacques Misselyn Update Jacques Misselyn Update family Jacques Misselyn

These buttons are used to display the ancestry, the descendants, the combined tree or the family circle, to edit the person and to modify his immediate family.


Clicking on this button (not active here) allows access to a page for downloading the image of a tree.
Indeed, printing a family tree with the browser gives random and often deplorable results. This is due to the size of these pages. In order to overcome this, you can obtain an image of a tree and process this image (jpeg type) with your image software. To obtain it, two possibilities are available to you: either make a direct download, unfortunately limited to small or medium-sized trees, or ask us to send it to you by email by completing the request by form. The choice of colors is done in the OPTIONS page.

Some clarifications

Descendant family trees

The options menu allows you to choose to display the dates and places of birth and death.

Persons whose names and frames are displayed in bold have a blood connection with the head of the branch.
Spouses shown in light color are separated.

You go one level up by clicking on Father or Mother.

It is also possible to display spouses. In this case, the children are attached to the spouse. The children from a previous marriage of the spouse are presented in a thin frame in order to show that there is no blood connection with the head of the branch. If you selected to display direct descendants only, neither spouses nor their children from another marriage appear.

Descendants list

In case of a descendants list, people whose names are noted in bold have a blood link with the head of the branch. Here too, separated spouses are indicated in light color.


As in the descendants, it is possible to limit the number of generations displayed.

The selected person can be placed either on the right or on the left.

Mixed family tree

It is always presented in the form of a tree.

Depending on the chosen position of the person in the ancestry-tree, ascendants stand above or in front of the descendants.

The immediate family (parents and children)

It displays the parents and children of the person. The information relating to each is also displayed according to your choice (via the options menu). Everyone blood related to the selected person has a bold frame border. Stepchildren are also shown, but the border is lighter.


The icons display the following information :


 all of the information. You can also access it by clicking on the name,

Passport photo

 indicates the existence of a passport photo of the person,

Contact details

 indicates the existence of a point of contact (address, telephone, email),


 indicates the existence of a pet,


 the tree or the genealogical list of ancestors,


 the tree or the genealogical list of descendants,

Combined familytree

 the combined family tree (ascendants and descendants),

Immediate family

 the immediate family (parents and children) including more details,


 update the information relating to the person,

Update family

 update the person's immediate family.

Confidential information, photos, contact points may not be displayed in free access and may be reserved for some members.