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Heads of family trees Misselyn

Two heads of family trees have been identified. We have not yet managed to make the connection between these two trees.

Pieter Misselyn has as second grandson Ange Misselyn, born in 1775, who is of the same generation as Charles Misselyn. Although we could not establish links between Ange and Charles, both are however brothers-in-law via Catherine and Colette Annoot, daughters of Marie-Joséphine Buseyne and Ludovicus Annoot. Colette died during the birth of her daughter Sophie Rosalie, and Ange married Jeanne Vandenbroucke in second marriage. It would seem that all the people bearing the name of Misselyn to date are descendants of either Charles and Catherine or Ange and Jeanne.

Other heads of family trees from the 1700s

Other heads of family trees from the 1800s